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Simulating barriers to improve ideation and empathy

Our work to understand the authentic user needs of older adults has provided us with new perspectives on aging. We were excited to share those insights with hundreds of professionals at the Leading Age Institute and Expo, the premier conference for older adult services providers.

Dedicating time and talents to help communities thrive

Community impact has been present since our founding, and is actually built into the Fathom Consulting mission: to partner with our clients and community to drive meaningful change. Our structured program give employees opportunities to bridge personal passions with professional expertise.

Consistent feedback creates continuous improvement

Giving—and receiving feedback—isn't always easy, but it's a core component of our culture, and key to enabling high-performing teams.

Honoring individual strengths

Fostering an environment that focuses on strengths starts with self-reflection and a culture of feedback.

Twenty years of people propelling success

An important ingredient in our recipe for success? Hiring smart, creative, low-ego, and collaborative team members.

Reflecting on business, leadership, and resiliency in the new year

Self-reflection is not just an exercise for your business; it’s like scheduled maintenance for your leadership ability.